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FPM closes its doors!

We have to say thank you!

After many years working in web offset presses, FPM closes its doors for personal reasons. At this point, we would like to thank all business partners for their many years of trusting cooperation!


In the next few weeks, there will continue to be a sale of spare parts, assemblies, tools, etc.

Due to business closure special prices, compilation prices for spare parts and tools

Get spare parts now to increase the reliability of your M600.                          large selection of gearboxes                                  If interested: elisabeth.fuerbass@fpm-weboffset.com

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more M600 Parts

M600 Gearbox M600 Gearbox2

.............extensive sale of HEIDELBERG Web 8 / Web 16 parts..........

left: machine rolls, machine lifts. More parts in December

bottom: cable M600

and many more..........

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