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About us

Siegfried Fürbaß is a specialised and dedicated company focussing on the commisioning, refurbishment, service and project management of web offset printing systems.

Siegfried Fürbaß himself, is a highly qualified engineer with many years of experience in the printing press industry and since 1990 he has headed the company bearing his name, offering a comprehensive range of services for existing and future graphic equipment owners and users, and in particular for web offset press.

Today, the company 's core activities range from sales and turn-key installations, as well as re-siting and servicing of existing presses. The company also offers help, advice and support for start up printing operations. A spacious workshop at the company 's premises also provides extra capacity for maintenance and repairs as necessary.

First class service and quality are the primary aims of Siegfried Fürbaß.

Siegfried Fürbaß – a personal profile

1979 completed training at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG within the research and development department. During this period the original Heidelberg web press was developed. By the time of its market launch in 1982 Siegfried Fürbaß was in attendance at the first public presentations in Germany Japan and Australia. Siegfried Fürbaß - an expert from the beginning.

As a Heidelberg engineer he accumulated many years of experience with web offset machines as well as conducting English language training for engineers world-wide. For two years from 1990 he worked at the English printing house TLP in the UK as technical service manager and was responsible for four web presses.
Through his extensive experience Siegfried Fürbaß has learnt the many daily requirements that most printers need to address and for which they often require assistance. His unique perspective of web presses from development though new press assembly to daily operation and work with web offset machines has given him a unique level of experience which he is now able to offers his many customers.