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Erfolgreicher Produktionsstart der ersten
 MANROLAND Rotoman N in Mazedonien!

Successful Start-up of first
 MANROLAND Rotoman N in Macedonia!

Nach Abschluss und Übergabe der Rotoman Maschine an den Kunden erhielten wir folgende Stellungnahme von Herrn Aleksandar Dinev, Operations Director,  Media Print Makedonija:

„In November 2014 our company decided to make an investment in a secondhand  heatset web offset printing machine. Siegfried Fuerbass was recommended as a company that we can rely on. He helped us to find an appropriate machine for our needs. In 2015 we brought the MAN Rotoman N printing machine, but because of problems with a building we delayed the installation. The installation started in second half of August 2016. In the beginning of December 2016 FPM made a successful commissioning of this printing machine. Because the machine was stopped for over a year, during the installation and commissioning, we had a lot of problems. The team of experts from FPM led by Mr. Siegfried Fuerbass found  solutions for all of them. At the end their printing trainer made a wonderful training course for our printers, so now we have printers who can run this press in proper manner. Without knowledge and support of the FPM Team we would not be able to finish this project.”

Fixatoren einmessen und setzen
Fixators levelling and placement  

Aufstellen Druckeinheiten und Rollenwechsler
Positioning of printing units and splicer

Richtfest: Falztrichter und Falzapparatüberbau komplett montiert
Roofing ceremony: Former section and folder superstructure completed

Trockner: Revision und Auswuchten der Antriebsmotoren
Dryer: Revision and balancing of drive motors

FPM Team und Maschinen-Bedienpersonal nach Abschluss der elektrischen und mechanischen Installation
FPM Team and Press Operator Personal after completion of electrical and mechanical installation

Schallschutz durch FPM montiert
Sound enclosure installed by FPM


FPM Elektriker, Druckinstruktor and Drucker während der Schulung (von li. nach re.)
FPM Electrician, Print Instructor and Printer during press training (left to right)

Druckproduktion 2 x 8 Seiten Kreuzbruch
Print production 2 x 8 pages chopper folded

Produktion über A4 Falzapparat Auslage
Production via A4 folder delivery

Ende gut, alles gut. MPM Management, Rotoman Druckpersonal und FPM Team.
All's well that ends well. MPM Management, Rotoman press crew and FPM team.